Teens and Executive Function Skills

Have you ever wondered why adolescence is characterized by change, confusion, high emotions, and impulsive decision-making? It’s largely a function of brain development: The part of the brain responsible for decision-making (the frontal lobe) is still evolving, and will continue… Read the rest

Time Management 101

Many children with LD and ADHD have difficulty managing their time, especially as they reach adolescence when more is required of them socially and academically. It’s important to empower your child with the skills necessary to manage and organize herself.… Read the rest

ADHD Coaching: Can It Work for Your Child?

In Driven to Distraction, authors Ned Hallowell and John Ratey offer the metaphor of a sports coach to explain the role of an ADHD coach. They write that a coach is “an individual standing on the sidelines with a whistle,… Read the rest

Working Memory: The Hidden Ingredient in Learning

Emma and Thomas: both 13 years old; both with superior IQs of 122 (93rd percentile); both in 8th grade. Emma follows directions for homework, study guides, and writing assignments, and earns consistently high grades. Thomas “tries” to follow directions, yet… Read the rest

Dysgraphia: An Overview

Children with dysgraphia struggle to write, often causing them to experience emotional stress and anxiety. Because they have good verbal skills, parents and teachers expect them to write at the same level as they speak; when they don’t, they may… Read the rest