10 Tips for Happy Holidays

By Marcia Eckerd, Ph.D The holidays are always exciting, but for some children with learning challenges, the excitement can be overwhelming. Following are a handful of hints, tips, and strategies to ensure that your family’s holidays are merry and bright.… Read the rest

Is It ADHD, OCD, or Both?

Most people think of ADHD and OCD as polar opposites on a spectrum. Typically, kids with ADHD are impulsive, spontaneous, disorganized, easily distracted, and oblivious to social cues. Those with OCD are overly cautious, focused and attentive planners who think… Read the rest

Dietary Interventions for ADHD

Parents of kids with ADHD are constantly searching for ways to manage their kids’ hyperactivity, inattention, and reduced focus. For some kids, dietary interventions may be helpful. Clinicians and parents have long suspected a possible link between behavior and diet,… Read the rest

Eliminating Food Dyes from the Family Diet

By Eve Kessler Do you see a connection between your child’s behavior and what she eats? Numerous controlled studies have concluded that food dyes can worsen behavior in some children with and without ADHD. According to Dr. Joel Nigg, a… Read the rest

Strategies for Parenting a Child with NLD

Nonverbal Learning Disabilities (NLD) are not just learning disabilities; the motor, sensory, and social issues associated with NLD affect life on every level. Children with NLD have difficulty combining information coming at them from different channels—visual, auditory, sensory—into a “big… Read the rest