ADHD & Social Problems in Young Children

In a new study, researches have found that ADHD in young children leads to social problems with their peers. Interestingly, the impact seems to lessen as children get older. According to an article in HealthDay, the study of 1,000 children,… Read the rest

Nothing Helps! What Can I Do?

At Smart Kids, we appreciate that it’s a particularly poignant dilemma to be knowledgeable and yet so perplexed. As you said, you are aware that your son “doesn’t understand.” You recognize that he is not choosing to alienate others. However,… Read the rest

8 Ways to Deal with Hurtful Cliques

Has your child ever been excluded or mistreated because he was different from the powerful insiders at school? If so, he’s not alone. Research shows that highly creative students with learning differences are far more likely to be excluded or… Read the rest

Is Your Child Having Social-Adjustment Problems?

Many children with LD and ADHD are social by nature and have appropriate interests in relationships and social activities. Nevertheless, as a group, they are more isolated than children who do not have disabilities. Though less likely to participate in… Read the rest

Strategies for Parenting a Child with NLD

Nonverbal Learning Disabilities (NLD) are not just learning disabilities; the motor, sensory, and social issues associated with NLD affect life on every level. Children with NLD have difficulty combining information coming at them from different channels—visual, auditory, sensory—into a “big… Read the rest