Resources for the Smart Kids Community

Here are the ways you can stay up-to-date on dealing with the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

Facebook Live Workshop: “Being a Teenager” or Something More?
Dr. Dan Villiers, founder of the Anxiety Institute, explains what behaviors in teenagers are part of normal development and what may be symptoms of anxiety, OCD, or ADHD.

Facebook Live Workshop: Growing Up with Anxiety
Tessa Zimmerman, author of I Am Tessa and founder of Asset Education, discusses her struggles growing up with severe anxiety and how parents and teachers can help children with significant school anxiety.

Facebook Live Workshop: What Is Compensatory Education?
Education attorney John Flanders discusses what students are entitled to from school districts when students are not achieving as much as the students could be.

Small Tips to Improve Online Learning
Distance learning has become the norm, and small changes can make a big difference for your student.

Keeping Close While Afar
Use some of these ideas to help maintain social connections and closeness when we have to be far apart.

Facebook Live Workshop: Why You Need Life Skills in Your Child’s IEP
Life Skills Lady Julie Swanson shares the areas beyond the classroom that should be covered by the your child’s education plan.

To Test or Not to Test
Standardized testing for college admission is changing, and COVID-19 is speeding up the process.

Back to School: Be Kind to Yourself
While we can’t make COVID disappear, we can offer some words of reassurance.

A New School Year Like None Other
Whether your child is going back to school virtually or in person, a successful start to a new school year can set the tone for the rest of that year.

Weekly Workshop: What is Non-Verbal Learning Disorder
Psychologist Dr. Marcia Eckerd explains this often unrecognized learning disability.

Helpful Info for Starting the New School Year
This school year will certainly be unlike any we have faced. Here are a few tips to get this unique year off to a good start.

Does My Child Need Therapy?
How do parents know when their child’s problem behaviors require professional help?

Sensory Strategies for Home
With school closures, many kids need to find new options for continuing their regular therapy.

Weekly Workshop: The New College Search for Students with LD & ADHD
Educational consultant Deena Maerowitz discusses what students should look for in a college and how families can get gather information when college visits are not an option.

Weekly Workshop: What the Pandemic Has Taught Me About Executive Functions
Best-selling author and executive functions expert Dr. Peg Dawson joins us for a conversation about changes brought about the pandemic.

COVID-19 Disrupts Childhood Vaccination Programs
While global vaccination programs were sliding backward even before the pandemic, the COVID-19 related disruption is occurring at a scale larger than any since the advent of immunization programs in the 1970s.

School Reopening Recommendations for Kids with Disabilities
A recent statement from the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates (COPAA) includes recommendations for reopening schools in the fall for kids with LD and other disabilities.

Weekly Workshop: Parenting in a Time of Uncertainty
Dr. Judy Grossman discusses how parents can better navigate our challenging environment, and help their kids do the same.

Re-Opening Schools: Think About This
There is a lot of information, and misinformation, about the re-opening of schools for the fall. Here is a round-upon the latest news.

COVID-19 Risk Appraisal for Youth Sports
Is it safe for kids to return to organized play?

Managing Strong Emotions in Kids
For kids with ADHD, pandemic-related fear and anxiety may lead to more frequent and more intense emotional behaviors. How can parents help?

Weekly Workshop: ADHD from the Inside Out
Three teens discuss their challenges and triumphs living with ADHD.

Virtual IEP Guide
An online meeting with your child’s school may not be ideal, but it can be successful.

COVID-19: Use Psychology Tools to Cope
Positive psychology has much to offer as we navigate current challenges and ambiguities.

Weekly Workshop: A Dyslexia Primer
Literacy expert Dr. Margie Gillis reviews the basics of dyslexia.

The New Normal
We keep hearing that when states open up we’ll be facing a “new normal.” But what exactly does that mean?

COVID-19 Stress: What to Watch For
Kids don’t always have the tools or self-awareness to express what they are truly feeling inside.

Work on Social Skills
If your child had been working steadily on social skills before the COVID-19 pandemic caused schools to close, extracurriculars to vanish, and playdates to end, you might be asking yourself, “Now what?”

Weekly Workshop: The Piglet Mindset
Dr. Melissa Shapiro introduces us to Piglet, the blind-deaf pink puppy who never gives up.

Measuring Learning During School Closure
As parents, you are in a unique position to let your school team know how your kids are responding to online learning.

Weekly Workshop: Managing Your Child’s Anxiety in the Time of Corona
Dr. Chris Bogart provides concrete information for dealing with children’s increased stress in these uncertain times.

Why Can’t I Focus?
I can focus on what’s in front of me, but otherwise I have trouble being present and centered.

Weekly Workshop: Managing Screen Time During Lockdown
We are all stuck in front of computers more than ever right now. Nadja Streiter discusses how much is too much.

COVID-19: 5 Tips for Online Learners
A few strategies for students with LD and ADHD to navigate the online/virtual learning process that is their new normal

Weekly Workshop: Crisis Schooling – When Parents Suddenly Become Teachers
Parents have become many children’s primary teacher, a role they are not prepared to fill. Leslie Josel discusses how to manage this new job.

Managing Working from Home and Corona-Schooling
Tips on how to balance the needs of your job and the needs of your children.

CV-19 Time for the College Essay?
Would this be a good time to start working on the essay for your college application?

Managing Your Child’s Anxiety
For some kids with ADHD and LD, the added burden of high anxiety related to COVID-19 can make getting through the day an overwhelming struggle. What can parents do to help?

Weekly Workshop: Delay Your Gray – Raising Teenagers in the Age of Coronovirus
Raising teens is difficult in the best of times. Therapist Liz Jorgensen helps parents deal with the new reality facing adolescents.

Weekly Workshop: Words Words Words -Building Vocabulary through Games
Dr. Lydia Soifer gives parents advice on how to work with children on building vocabulary when contact with other adults is limited.

Roundup: LD & ADHD COVID-19 News
Even now as we spend seemingly endless hours in front of our screens, we may not see all the information that will help manage the COVID-19 disruptions.

COVID-19: Tele-Therapies Under Pressure
With the coronavirus shuttering schools across the country, students with special needs are bearing a disproportionate amount of the burden. It’s one thing to learn your ABCs in the online classroom, but not even a high-speed internet can make up for everything.

COVID-19: Rethinking Screen Use
As COVID-19 spreads across America, many parents are struggling with how to deal with their children who are not in school and have hours to fill. Screen time is an easy answer. But is it?

Managing Your Child’s COVID-19 Fears 
Everywhere you turn there’s news of COVID-19—some of it dire, much of it scary and all of it discomforting. And that’s from an adult’s perspective. Imagine what your kids are internalizing. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is presenting challenges at every level of society, including home and family life. This is uncharted territory for everyone.

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