Helpful Info for Starting the New School Year

For kids with learning challenges, a good start to the school year can set a positive tone that ideally will carry through until the final bell next Spring. To help your child get going in the right direction, take a couple of minutes to review the following articles on the Smart Kids website:

Your Child’s rights: 6 Principles of IDEA: A user-friendly summary of what you should know about the federal education law that covers your child with learning disabilities.

Making the Change to Elementary School, Making the Move to Middle School and Is Your Child Making the Move to High School?: Starting a new school year is often challenging for kids with LD, but when the new year coincides with the move up to a higher school level, you may find your child needs a little extra guidance to navigate the new landscape successfully.

6 Keys to Winning Over Your Child’s Team: Your child stands to benefit most when you and her educational team work collaboratively. Here are a few quick reminders to ensure that the relationship starts off well and continues to move in a positive direction as the school year progresses.

Rise & Shine: Gadgets to Start the Day: Tired of being the wake-up general? Take yourself out of the equation with these options for all ages and wake-up styles.

Time Management for Kids with LD: Learning to manage time is a skill that, for students with LD and ADHD must be explicitly taught, and consistently practiced. Use these tips and tools to get the job done.

Ask the Experts: In this section of our website you’ll find answers to questions from parents just like you. Scan the index to find the topics that resonate with you now and throughout the year.

There’s much more where these came from! Use the search box or browse our website to find the articles and blog posts addressing the issues that concern you most. And if you don’t find them, let us know! We’re always looking for new ways to help you help your child succeed!