Is Your Child Making the Move to High School?

Starting a new school year is often challenging for kids with LD, but when the new year coincides with the move up to a higher school level, you may find your child needs a little extra guidance to navigate the new landscape successfully.

Some parents believe that a child who survives middle school can face anything, but the challenges of high school, though more subtle can be equally daunting. Observe the way your child handles the issues listed below so that you can intervene if necessary. (And regardless of the looks you may get when you bring up any of these topics, know that most kids this age are still susceptible to advice from their parents. Don’t let the eye-roll fool you.)

  • Long-term assignments
  • Expanded library and media services
  • Heavier academic workload
  • Increased responsibility for coursework completion
  • Pressure for grades and extracurricular achievements
  • Pressure to experiment with sex, drugs, and alcohol
  • Varying academic tracks
  • Access to support services
  • Increasing desire for independence
  • Larger and more bureaucratic environment
  • Shift from nurturing pedagogy to content-based education
  • Choice of electives
  • Bullying or hazing
  • Clothing
  • Pressure to remain competitive for selective colleges

 For further insights into the concerns of high-school students with LD and ADHD, along with tips on how to help your teen handle those concerns, read Performance Anxiety: High Schoolers Under Pressure.