Monitor the Classroom Experience

Just because your child has an Individual Education Plan does not mean that your days of school vigilance are behind you. Even the best-laid plans must be continually monitored to ensure that the decisions the team made were appropriate and… Read the rest

Sink or Swim? A Parent’s Dilemma

When my son Eli was in his last year of high school, he was juggling a lot: six classes, homework, play rehearsal, his school’s Shakespeare troupe, college applications, and of course all the “stuff” that comes with being a senior.… Read the rest

Homeschooling: What to Consider

Today nearly two million children are homeschooled in the U.S. Parents chose this route for a number of reasons including religious or moral considerations as well as academic and/or safety concerns. And then there are those, like us, who decided… Read the rest

First Aid Tips for Parents

Knowing that the daily pressures of parenting a child with LD or ADHD can zap energy and fortitude, I found it necessary to develop some basic first aid for myself. I wrote this list years ago, pulling it out when… Read the rest

Dyslexia and the Foreign Language Requirement

My daughter has dyslexia. She exhibits many typical characteristics that come with language learning disabilities, including difficulty understanding written text and problems with spelling. But like many with dyslexia, she possesses a number of outstanding qualities as well, including an… Read the rest