Has Your Child Had an AT Evaluation?

For students with learning disabilities, technology is an important tool in leveling the playing field, providing struggling students with the ability to access educational material that may otherwise prove challenging to understand. As Assistive Technology (AT) continues to evolve, the… Read the rest

Common Test-Taking Accommodations Questioned

Among the most common accommodations provided for students with ADHD are extended time and frequent breaks when taking standardized tests. But how helpful are those accommodations?  Perhaps not at all, according to a recent study. The study, examining the impact… Read the rest

Putting the AT Plan Into Action

The assistive technology (AT) evaluation has been completed, the report has been reviewed by the IEP team, and some or all of the recommendations have been accepted. It’s now time to implement the recommendations everyone has signed off on. While… Read the rest

Assistive Technology: An Overview

There is a perception on the part of some that Assistive Technology (AT) may undermine a student’s ability and desire to perform independently. In fact, just the opposite is true. By definition, students with learning disabilities have a gap between… Read the rest