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Treating Dyslexia: There is no quick fix

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1 in 5 Kids Has a Learning Disability: Watch and Share this Animated Short

First Steps

Get the facts about learning disabilities including evaluations and tech tools

Getting Help

Practical advice for handling
your child’s academic, social,
and emotional issues


Connect with others.
Reach out to parents.
Share your story.

Inside Smart Kids

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Evaluating Your Child for NLD

Because children with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities are highly verbal and have strong rote memory, NLD...Read more


8 Ways to Deal with Hurtful Cliques

Has your child ever been excluded or mistreated because he was different from the powerful insiders at...Read more


The Gift of Failure

“Almost everyone experiences failure at some point in their life….How a person handles failure is the key...Read more

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  • Share your experience raising a child with LD or ADHD. Click HERE for more.