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Treating Dyslexia: There is no quick fix

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1 in 5 Kids Has a Learning Disability: Watch and Share this Animated Short

First Steps

Get the facts about learning disabilities including evaluations and tech tools

Getting Help

Practical advice for handling
your child’s academic, social,
and emotional issues


Connect with others.
Reach out to parents.
Share your story.

Inside Smart Kids

1.4.8 Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy for Kids with LD

Today’s students have come of age in an era of digital media. Yet proficiency with YouTube and Facebook...Read more

2.8.6 Dispute Resolution

Resolving Special Ed Disputes

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) guarantees all children with learning and other...Read more

3.2.8 Damaging Myth

The Damaging Myth of Normalcy

By the time I was in second grade I thought I was stupid and crazy. Why? Because that’s what I was taught....Read more

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Share Your Story

  • Share your experience raising a child with LD or ADHD. Click HERE for more.