Energy Drinks Linked to ADHD Behaviors

Results from a new study show that children who consume energy drinks are significantly more likely than children who don’t drink the sugary, caffeinated beverages to be at risk for hyperactive and inattentive behaviors. According to the study, published in… Read the rest

Driving With ADHD

As many parents know—and studies and statistics confirm—ADHD is a risk factor for traffic accidents and other driving problems. The American Academy of Pediatrics reports that drivers ages 16 to 22 with ADHD are more likely than their peers to… Read the rest

Dr. Amen’s 7 Types of ADHD

ADHD is not a one-size-fits-all diagnosis, and no one knows that better than Dr. Daniel G. Amen. Amen, a psychiatrist and brain imaging specialist, has been studying ADHD for more than two decades, and what he’s learned is challenging conventional… Read the rest

Evaluating Your Child for ADHD

Many behaviors associated with ADHD—problems with taking in information, memory, processing speed, and sensory/perception—may in fact be attributable to other issues. Therefore, the only way to know if your child has ADHD is to have him undergo a thorough evaluation… Read the rest

Increasing the Odds of Success for Your Child with ADHD

Most parents of children with ADHD worry about their child’s potential for success. The truth is there are countless powerful, confident, high-achieving leaders who have managed to capitalize on behaviors associated with ADHD. Many Fortune 500 company founders, plus numerous… Read the rest