How to Speak IEP

At a parent-teacher conference, you hope to hear about your child’s progress and the strides she is making. You may even share your insights about her strengths with the hope that she is being appreciated for all of her positive… Read the rest

Determining Placement for Your Child with LD

In education, as with many professions, there are terms specific to the field that have special meaning in that context. “Inclusion” and “least restrictive environment” (LRE) are two such terms. Inclusion Inclusion is not a legal term; it is a… Read the rest

FERPA: The Right to Review Records

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), often called the Buckley Amendment, is a federal law enacted in 1984. It gives all parents of students under 18 years of age and all students over 18 years of age the… Read the rest

IEP Meeting: Business As Usual

Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) parents of children with LD and ADHD have a right to participate in their child’s Individual Education Program (IEP) planning meetings. Approaching an IEP meeting as you would a business meeting will… Read the rest

Your Rights to Documentation

Yes, you have a right to all documents in your child’s file. I suggest sending a FERPA request for records noting that you would like all documents attributable to your child. In addition, it is important to request (in writing)… Read the rest