Ask Our Experts

At Smart Kids, we believe that you’re the expert when it comes to your child. But while you know your child better than anyone else, you rely on others to provide information to help you determine what’s in your child’s best interest regarding his or her unique learning profile. That’s why Smart Kids has put together a group of advisors with expertise and experience in the areas that concern you most.

Our Professional Advisory Board (see below) contributes to our efforts in ways both big and small (e.g. serving as editorial advisors, presenting at community forums, writing for the Smart Kids newsletter, etc.), But their latest, and perhaps most important role is to give you feedback directly via our Ask the Experts column. From how LD and ADHD impact the family to the pros and cons of divulging your child’s diagnosis, our panel of experts stands ready to provide answers to your most pressing questions.

As Simple As 1-2-3

Here’s how it works:

  1. You email your question to Please include how you’d like to be identified (name, initials, or anonymously) and where you’re from (city and state).
  2. We’ll forward your question to a member of our PAB with expertise in your area of concern.
  3. Once our expert responds, we’ll post the answer in Ask the Experts in the Community section of our website.

By sharing the answers to your questions with other parents, we all take part in helping those who are struggling with the same LD and ADHD issues.

Our Team of Experts

The Smart Kids Professional Advisory Board (PAB) is comprised of top professionals in the fields of LD and ADHD:

  • Jill Harkavy-Friedman, Ph.D., president of the PAB is a clinical psychologist and Vice President of Research, AFSP
  • Orit Batey, Ph.D., neuropsychologist in private practice and former Head of Eagle Hill School Diagnostic Clinic
  • Susan Baum, Ph.D., Co-Director, International Center for Talent Development and Director of Professional Development, Bridges Academy
  • Nora Belanger, Esq., a renowned special education and disability rights attorney
  • Michelle Berg, Psy.D., specializes in educational advising and placement for students with LD and other learning issues
  • Miriam Cherkes-Julkowski, Ph.D.,  a leading educational consultant and diagnostician
  • Candace Cortiella, Director, The Advocacy Institute working on policy issues
  • Peg Dawson, Ed.D. psychologist at the Center for Learning & Attention Disorders
  • Marcia Eckerd, Ph.D., evaluator and therapist
  • Margie Gillis, Ed.D., President, Literacy How training teachers in research-based reading
  • Thomas Hehir, Ed.D., Professor of Practice, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Shelley Lacey-Castelot, ATACP, M.S.; Director, Literacy Solutions, consulting and training in assistive technology
  • Ellen Littman, Ph.D., clinical psychologist, author and lecturer on ADHD
  • Devon MacEachron, Ph.D., Director of Exceptional Learners Assoc. and Connecticut Center for Exceptional Learners
  • Jonathan Mooney, author, speaker, activist, and co-founder of Project Eye-to-Eye
  • Lisa N. Rappaport, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Albert Einstein College of Medicine and a clinical psychologist in private practice
  • Lydia Soifer, Ph.D.; Director of The Soifer Center for Learning and Child Development
  • Alan Wachtel, M.D., psychiatrist, Family Health Associates