Evaluation Fundamentals

For a child with learning disabilities or ADHD, the evaluation is the first step toward addressing his issues. Knowing what to expect will ease your fears and your child’s and ensure that the results are used appropriately. Evaluation Goals A… Read the rest

Has Your Child Had an AT Evaluation?

For students with learning disabilities, technology is an important tool in leveling the playing field, providing struggling students with the ability to access educational material that may otherwise prove challenging to understand. As Assistive Technology (AT) continues to evolve, the… Read the rest

The Case for A Private Evaluation

By Devon MacEachron, Ph.D. School districts may conduct evaluations under certain mandated conditions. Although these evaluations are free of charge, there are potential drawbacks. Before your child can receive an evaluation, he typically must meet the following criteria: Be performing… Read the rest

Fundamentals of an AT Evaluation

Students with learning disabilities have benefited tremendously from the technology boom of the past few decades. As Assistive Technology continues to evolve, students are utilizing it in new and different ways to help even the playing field. To figure out… Read the rest

A First Timer’s Guide to Evaluation

The purpose of the evaluation process is to identify your child’s specific learning strengths, needs, and concerns in order to make recommendations for an educational program suited to his unique learning profile. The process is essentially a problem-solving exercise that… Read the rest