Cheers for Special Education Graduation Rates

New data from the National Center for Education Statistics has educators and parents of kids with learning disabilities cheering. Why? Because the latest data available shows high school graduation rates for students with disabilities rose a whopping 5.6%—an increase greater… Read the rest

Teens + Driving + ADHD = Danger

It’s common knowledge that texting while driving is dangerous. But what happens when teens with ADHD text while driving? A dangerous situation becomes even more dangerous. Researchers from the Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati recently tested the driving performance… Read the rest

High Schoolers Under Pressure

Students in high school often feel pressure to conform academically and socially. For students with LD and ADHD the pressure can be particularly stressful as they struggle to fit in with peers while trying to meet the demands of parents… Read the rest

Risky Business: Driving with ADHD

The only driver more dangerous than a drunk driver is a teen driver with ADHD. According to an article in The New York Times, “Young drivers with A.D.H.D. are two to four times as likely as those without the condition… Read the rest