Kids with ADHD: Finding the Leader Within

As parents of children with ADHD we know our kids have the potential to become future leaders, but that birthright has been diminished by a dominant culture that sees only their “disorder.” These natural born-leaders deserve to have their potential… Read the rest

5 Tips for Stress-Free Holidays

It’s time to ratchet up for December, the month best described as “over the top” (as in overtired, over-stimulated, overindulged, etc.). For many children, including those with LD and ADHD, ’tis the season to be out of control. Kids who… Read the rest

Rise & Shine: Gadgets to Start the Day

By Jill Saluck It is often the case that kids with learning disabilities and ADHD struggle with time management. This comes from an inaccurate perception of the passage of time, rather than an unwillingness to do things promptly. It can… Read the rest

The Power of Positive Communication

It’s important for parents of children with LD and ADHD to help their kids live independent and responsible lives. However, even the most well-intentioned parents often struggle with how to help their child become self-reliant. Below are guidelines to encourage… Read the rest

Never Stop Believing

The best piece of advice I ever received as a parent of a child with learning disabilities was to always believe in my child, because if I didn’t believe in him, he wouldn’t believe in himself. While this is great… Read the rest