Walk A Mile in Your Child’s Shoes

By Heidi Rosenholtz Have you ever chaperoned your child’s class trip and desperately tried to control the group as effortlessly as the teacher? Or stepped in for an absent soccer coach on a Saturday morning? Did you feel your entire… Read the rest

Is Your Child A Phone Addict?

When socially minded Apple investors recently challenged the iPhone maker to address phone addiction among child users, many parents took note, asking themselves if their child is a smart-phone addict. The concern is real. As cell phones have proliferated among… Read the rest

ADHD: A Family Affair

The complex dynamics of an ADHD household can be stressful, sometimes overwhelming, and often require a huge emotional commitment of time and energy. You know that your child with ADHD is different from his non-ADHD peers and that he doesn’t… Read the rest

Make Your Holidays Stress-Free

For many children, including those with LD and ADHD, ’tis the season to be out of control. It’s the time of year best described as “over the top” — as in overtired, over-stimulated, overindulged, etc. Kids who have trouble with… Read the rest

Taking the “Mad” out of Morning Madness

Getting up and out in the morning is difficult for many kids, but for those who are easily distracted the challenges are formidable. Smart Kids parents share their tips for starting the day off right: Prepare Ahead: Get organized the… Read the rest