New Challenges for Kids with ADHD

You’re smart to be concerned. The reality is that today more children are at risk for school failure due to attention problems than they were a generation ago. Today’s children with attention issues face a far more challenging academic environment.… Read the rest

Increase in ADHD Mirrors Academic Demands

A recent study published in JAMA Pediatrics has found a possible correlation between the rise in ADHD diagnoses and greater academic demands placed on young children. According to an article in Science Daily, the study, led by Jeffrey P. Brosco,… Read the rest

Nothing Helps! What Can I Do?

At Smart Kids, we appreciate that it’s a particularly poignant dilemma to be knowledgeable and yet so perplexed. As you said, you are aware that your son “doesn’t understand.” You recognize that he is not choosing to alienate others. However,… Read the rest

Parents Are the First to Spot ADHD

As diagnosis rates for ADHD have steadily increased over the past decade, some have speculated that the rise is in part due to overwhelmed teachers encouraging parents to get their child assessed. That’s not the case, according to a new… Read the rest

Placing a High Achiever with ADHD

You’re faced with an important decision. You are right to be concerned about the nature of the placement and the challenges it brings. I have three important issues for you to consider as you make your decision: Your son’s academic… Read the rest