ADHD: Who Can Make the Diagnosis?

You’re concerned about your child. The warning signs are there, but you don’t know what they mean. You just know something isn’t right. Your child is four or seven or twelve. She’s in her own world; can’t get going in… Read the rest

ADHD: A Family Affair

The complex dynamics of an ADHD household can be stressful, sometimes overwhelming, and often require a huge emotional commitment of time and energy. You know that your child with ADHD is different from his non-ADHD peers and that he doesn’t… Read the rest

Extended Time: Useful or Misused?

Extended time on tests is arguably the most common accommodation given to students with ADHD. But is extended time alone enough to address the challenges faced by these students? Or should you be advocating to address the issue that led… Read the rest

ADHD Myths: Setting the Record Straight

When it comes to ADHD (and other learning challenges), misinformation often guides the interactions between those with the condition, and well-meaning friends, family, and school personnel. Below we’ve addressed many of the common misconceptions regarding ADHD and how it impacts… Read the rest

ADHD: Behind the Behavior

Living with a child with ADHD can be confusing and frustrating. On any given day, he may have difficulty getting started, make impulsive decisions and poor choices, miss social cues, engage in stressful emotional interactions, and need downtime to regroup.… Read the rest