Wanted: Stress-Free Holidays

For many children, December ’tis the season to be overstimulated, overtired, overindulged, and generally out of control. Kids with LD and ADHD, who normally have trouble coping with change or dealing with stress may find this time of year particularly… Read the rest

Real World Ideas for Limiting Tech Use

Recently a report from the Americn Academy of Pediatrics confirmed what most parents already know: When not controlled, the use of electronic devices by kids is associated with all kinds of problems, including adverse impacts on sleep, learning and attention,… Read the rest

Gifted & LD: Misdiagnosed and Misunderstood

By Susan Baum, Ph.D. Education professor Susan Baum, Ph.D. is a leading authority on children who are both gifted and learning disabled. Here she discusses the unique challenges facing this often misunderstood, misdiagnosed group of students.  Many people assume that… Read the rest

Scholarships for Students with LD

’Tis the season to get college applications in—and for many, that includes looking for scholarships to help offset the ever-increasing cost of higher education. According to FinAid, “a good rule of thumb is that tuition rates will increase at about… Read the rest

Cheers for Special Education Graduation Rates

New data from the National Center for Education Statistics has educators and parents of kids with learning disabilities cheering. Why? Because the latest data available shows high school graduation rates for students with disabilities rose a whopping 5.6%—an increase greater… Read the rest