Supreme Court Hears Special Education Case

This year the U.S. Supreme Court will decide a case that has important implications for how school districts comply with the IDEA mandate to provide students in special education with a “free, appropriate public education” that confers “some educational benefit.”… Read the rest

Parents’ Tips for Promoting Self-Esteem

There’s no time like the New Year for a fresh start. Use this time to help your child with learning challenges feel better about himself. Following are simple, common-sense tips from parents of children with LD and ADHD for building… Read the rest

“I Resolve To…”

Members of Smart Kids’ Parent Advisory Committee share their New Year’s resolutions for making a positive change in their children’s lives:  …Stay involved I resolve to keep a provision in my son’s IEP for a half-hour monthly team meeting with… Read the rest

8 Great Gifts for Children with LD and ADHD

With the holidays just around the corner, keep in mind these special gifts appropriate for any child with LD or ADHD—one size fits all. The Gift of Time. Don’t get so caught up doing for your child that you forfeit… Read the rest

Wanted: Stress-Free Holidays

For many children, December ’tis the season to be overstimulated, overtired, overindulged, and generally out of control. Kids with LD and ADHD, who normally have trouble coping with change or dealing with stress may find this time of year particularly… Read the rest