The Case for Teaching Handwriting

In today’s world of electronic wizardry where keyboarding, touch screens, and clicks are the tools of choice, it might seem anachronistic to teach handwriting, but an article in Literacyhow makes a strong case for penmanship. The article headline says it… Read the rest

Do ADHD Meds Help with Homework?

For parents weighing the pros and cons of ADHD medication for their school-age child, a new study suggests that stimulants are not particularly helpful when it comes to finishing homework or getting better grades. In a small, short-term study that… Read the rest

Assistive Technology: Low-Tech Has Its Place

When we hear the term Assistive Technology (AT), we imagine kids with LD (and other disabilities) mastering previously challenging assignments with the help of the latest and greatest high-tech gadgetry. In fact, we may be doing our children a disservice… Read the rest

In Their Own Words

When Smart Kids asked a group of middle school kids how their learning disabilities impacted them, we were impressed—and sometimes surprised—by their thoughtful responses. During the course of the wide-ranging discussion, students were not shy about expressing their views. In… Read the rest

Creating Climates of Respect: Call to Action

By Jo Ann Freiberg, Ph.D. with Eve Kessler, Esq. With a new school year comes this important reminder that school bullying is a significant and pervasive problem in the United States, affecting at least 20% of students, with over one-third… Read the rest