Supreme Court Expands Rights of Kids in Special Ed

It was a good week for Special Education advocates. In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court ruled that schools must provide more than a minimum program to students with disabilities. Chief Justice John Roberts wrote the opinion, excerpts of which… Read the rest

Is Digital Addiction the New Cocaine?

As smartphones, tablets, video games, and social media have proliferated, so too have warnings about their impact on children. Too much screen time has been associated with overweight and obesity, poor grades, and sleep problems, to name a few common… Read the rest

Finding the Right Camp for A First-Timer

With spring comes the challenge of planning for summer. If you’ve got a first-time camper, it’s time to begin thinking about what your child needs to have a successful summer experience. While you may not have to put down the… Read the rest

Unique Challenges of 2e Students

By Susan Baum, Ph.D. Students with learning disabilities who are also gifted have unique needs. These twice-exceptional (2e) kids understand far more than their mainstream peers, yet they may have trouble spelling simple words, tying their shoes, or remembering to… Read the rest

Common Test-Taking Accommodations Questioned

Among the most common accommodations provided for students with ADHD are extended time and frequent breaks when taking standardized tests. But how helpful are those accommodations?  Perhaps not at all, according to a recent study. The study, examining the impact… Read the rest