Is Your School Involved in Disability Discrimination?

Beginning in January of this year, the U.S. Department of Education (DOE) began publishing a list of all schools under investigation for disability discrimination. As reported in an article in Disability Scoop, “The searchable listing includes cases alleging discrimination based… Read the rest

ADHD Supports Are Often Ineffective

A study among high-school students with ADHD found that many are receiving services—just not the type that improve academic performance. According to a report in Education Week, the study, published in the School Journal of Mental Health, showed that more… Read the rest

Walk A Mile in Your Child’s Shoes

By Heidi Rosenholtz Have you ever chaperoned your child’s class trip and desperately tried to control the group as effortlessly as the teacher? Or stepped in for an absent soccer coach on a Saturday morning? Did you feel your entire… Read the rest

Is Your Child A Phone Addict?

When socially minded Apple investors recently challenged the iPhone maker to address phone addiction among child users, many parents took note, asking themselves if their child is a smart-phone addict. The concern is real. As cell phones have proliferated among… Read the rest

Eligibility for Special Ed: Myth v. Fact

For students to receive special education services, they must be found eligible under the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). However, misconceptions abound. Below we separate myth from fact with regard to three common concerns: A student receiving passing grades… Read the rest